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Songs for the Fallen

Critical Stages

A responsive website to showcase the sites and sounds of this hit cabaret show and raise funds for touring

Critical Stages needed to raise $25,000 in tax-deductible donations to send hit show Songs for the Fallen on its first international tour.

I was contracted to create a rich-media brochure site, showcasing the new music and rich design of the show.


Critical Stages

My role

Design, Front-end Development, Wordpress CMS


I began the project by creating a new brand for the production

This included a logotype, fonts and color choices which matches the already strong aeathetic of the live show.

These elements were subsequently used on the website and for print and social media purposes.

Rich Media elements

To showcase the production, the site had to be equipped to display rich media.

Audio, video, text, imagery would play a part in showing off the production to potential donors and supporters.

Custom Paypal form

I used the Paypal API to embed the donation form in the page to streamline the donor process for giving their tax-deductible donation.

The form took their essential details and then forwarded them to the a Paypal page to enter card details.

The Full Effect

All elements were combined into a one-page scrolling site.

Responsive Design

All elements of the design could be viewed on any device.


I consulted closely with the show's director on the functionality and look and feel of the site, mocking designs in Photoshop to get sign-off.

I coded up a static responsive version of the site with HTML/CSS/JS.

I realised that it would be easier for the clients to update their own content. I ported the static website to Wordpress and deployed it to a PHP server.