Michael Thwaites — Australian Poet Web Design & Development M.A.H.T.H.A.

The Michael and Honor Thwaites Heritage Association (MAHTHA) requested an appropriate online presence to showcase the work of this distinguished Australian poet.

The project was also a deeply personal one for me. Creating a website gave me chance to explore the imagery of my grandfather's work in a contemporary style, without losing its link to the life of the author.


Family albums and scrapbooks were mined for images appropriate to the design and the poems.

Poetry First

Care was taken not to let the visual appeal and extra features of the site outweigh the unique power of the words themselves.

Show Extras

A simple button reveals audio recordings of poetry readings, the option to share the poems on social networks, or view additional background information about the individual works.

Colour Palette

Other Features

Listen to the entire Concert of Poetry and Music or download it from iTunes as a podcast. The author's publications are is also for sale on the website.