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Wattyl: 100 Years

Wattyl Paints

Telling the story of an iconic Australian brand with social engagement and lead capturing technology

Wattyl required a microsite that leveraged the 100-year anniversary of the company re-engage customers with their brand.

They wanted to connect with their audience on social media (a first for Wattyl) and leverage their history as an innovative Australian brand.

Wattyl was also running a promotional competition, so these two messages needed to work together.


Wattyl Paints

My Role

Web Development


Mary Cuy, Graphic Design

Historical Timeline

We used the supplied "Wattyl 100" brandmark as a foundation for the site design, bringing the iconic Australian brand to life with fresh colours and typography.

Archival photos and video formed the basis for a historical timeline of the brand.

I used the Facebook and Twitter APIs to make each item in the timeline sharable on social media.

Responsive design

The timeline navigation switched to "accordion" style navigation on mobile devices.

Users entered the competition by submitting their own DIY painting tips.

I implemented careful form validation to ensure the lead-capture objectives of the campaign. Customer details were captured for use in Wattyl's Marketo system.

Final result

The Wattyl site looked great on mobile and on desktop.


Working with the marketing director at Wattyl, we devised the concept and executed it over two weeks.

I reworked Mary’s desktop concepts for responsive navigation. I also set up the information architecture using JSON data as a ‘mini-CMS’ to allow for easy correction of the many text elements.

I coded the responsive website with HTML, CSS and JS, leveraging the Twitter, Facebook and Marketo APIs to meet the campaign goals of social sharing and lead capture.